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I don’t trust
my heart around you.
You are a master
at b r e a k i n g it.

Not For Old Time’s Sake

he came over to chain my door,
to give an extra sense of security,
and I watched him choose
between two drills and hundreds of bits
as he examined the space.

thick, double-paned.

he tapped the nails, then screwed
them, then drilled, then tapped again
and I remembered how eager he used
to be to make me happy
but I couldn’t muster up
any love for him no matter
how hard I tried.

today, he left me with extra bolts,
extra locks, and an extra dent
in my heart.
I should feel something for him,
I should, but I don’t.

and now his damn cologne
is all that I smell.
how will I get rid of that?

#SixWordStoryChallenge: 24th November

How good are you at using six words creatively? Go on, give it a whirl. This week’s theme is “madness.”


Challenge open Saturday 24th November 2018 – Thursday 29th November 2018

Welcome to a slightly late Six Word Story Challenge.

Regular contributors, my apologies! It’s been a hectic week, moving back home after 2 weeks living out while the kitchen was rebuilt, then a visit from one of my oldest and best friends – all of which has left me very behind with other commitments. But I’m back, albeit 12 hours late!

So for those who have never dropped by before, here’s how it works. A new prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am (or thereabouts) GMT, either on this site or that of fellow blogger Wonderwall. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to plot a story on that subject… in just six words. And your prompt for this week, echoing the crazy busy week I’ve had, is:


And here’s my attempt to get…

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If this isn’t truth in plain sight, I do not know what could be. Such power in so few words and this is what she does consistently.

Peace and blessings, beautiful people. Be well and be good to yourself and to others.


… spend so much time looking without seeing that we end up being blind.

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