Young Minds of Medium Featured Writer: Fatima Mohammed

For the rest of this month and into the first two weeks of December, I will be featuring contributing writers who answered the Young Minds of Medium “How Do You Sing The Blues” submission call.

Fatima Mohammed is a recently added contributor to A Cornered Gurl and this challenge is what prompted her to reach out to me. I have selected her piece entitled, “Feel These Feelings” because that’s exactly what it makes a reader do–feel what she’s saying. This young one is making quite the name for herself on Medium by being expressive, raw, and brutally honest. And now, her featured work:

Feel These Feelings

Young Minds of Medium “Blues Call”

i stare at it,
it stares back.
all those feelings,
ignored and unacknowledged.
all those little nothings
piled up
to become this thing
staring back at me
from the mirror.

i raise a hand,
so does it.
i blink an eye,
it does the same.
it looks so much like me.
but with eyes devoid of joy;

i strike up a conversation.
ask why it’s here
looking at me with sad eyes.
it says it’s tired of being ignored.
it wants to be acknowledged.
i stare at it,
it stares back.
then the life-altering realisation hits me
with such an intensity.
this thing with sad eyes,
it’s me.

all the feelings i don’t feel,
i hide in a box in my mind;
pandora’s box.
it’s become so big,
it’s filled up every inch of me.
i’m the one with the sad eyes.

when i feel blue,
i don’t want to hide these feelings
in my attempt to be positive and optimistic.
if i do,
i’ll have those sad eyes forever;

so when i feel blue,
i choose to have those sad eyes.
only for a moment though.
to let go,
i allow myself
to bask in the sadness
to feel these feelings.

Originally published via A Cornered Gurl on Medium.


For Every Black Man Waiting To Be Loved

Jurien Huggins via Unsplash

Hidden: An Audio Poem

she tricked you into thinking
you weren’t noticed — your smile
didn’t meet her in the middle,
yet I see you.

I watch as you struggle to exist
in a world bent on keeping you
hidden behind its sullen corners,
you are not what they expect

when they envision greatness.

I come to you, arms outstretched,
urging you to know my ways . . .
I want to calm your seas,
let me be your peace.

the caves for men aren’t designed
to home the wildest creatures,
we have to make our way —
we are not the boxing kind.

wrappers and bows.
garland and lights.
presentation is everything and
we put on a show.

come, dance in my direction.

I yearn to watch the little boy
emerge with his face aching
for the sunlight.
I know he’s there.

let me watch you
enchant this world around us,
give me the hope of a new season —
the flesh of a beating heart.

you haven’t allowed yourself
this kind of love in
nearly a lifetime, yet here I am . . .
flaunting it for you to touch.

I will not hide you, no . . .
not when something as beautiful
as you should be placed on the
front row of city buses.

no hesitations
no second thoughts
no reconsiderations


Originally published on Medium.

Candle’s flame

Photo Credit: Vladimir Fedotov via Unsplash

An Experiment

she — the candle’s flame
mystic creature on a moonlit river,
burning the midnight oil.

I stand by intrigued — willing
to engage her spirit in
a game of charades.

she dances on clouds,
makes the sun’s arms
embrace its orange sky.

night owl, “sweet child o’ mine,
savior saving the damned.
honeysuckle sanctification.

she’s a moonwalker
strumming craters as her keys,
a pianist composing “your song.”

I hang on her cherried lips,
passionately devoted,
a lover’s ballad is born.

where can I go when she burns hot?
the storm within me raging,
mad like a man without love.

I — on the “other side of the game,
play my cards right.
I hold no hearts, only spades.

joker’s always wild . . .
my soul, a casualty of war,
bows out gracefully — white flag raised.

she is a shark, “poker-face” beauty,
making room for judgment day.
apocalyptic naysayer.

look at her, damsel fighting distress —
turns on every suitor,
willing to admire her.

I won’t catcall,
I won’t ask her to smile,
I won’t lay my problems at her feet . . .

I watch and wait,
this candle’s flame, burning the midnight oil
won’t “burn” me.

*The music referenced in the links are from the following multi-talented artists: Guns N’ Roses, Elton John, Erykah Badu, Lady Gaga, and Usher.

Originally published in P.S. I Love You via Medium. This piece is behind Medium’s paywall and the link shared is a friend link (free to all).

The Simple Things #10

Every Saturday, I will share three things that I believe to be the simple things in life, yet things that make me extremely happy. I invite you to do the same.

Adrianne Walujo via

1. good friends
2. good food
3. good vibes

Now, it’s your turn! Share with me (in the comments), three simple things in life that make you happy. Please reblog, share this post, and give others a smile and a little bit of love. If you reblog the post, please ping or tag my blog and use the words Simple Things” and “Happy” as your blog entry tags.

Are you ready, folks? Can we keep the love flowing by sharing the simple things that make us happy? This is our The Simple Things Share Post #10. Have fun and let the happiness begin!