scraping against an
old wound reminded me
of forgotten sorrows we visit
when time stands still

rumor has it that
a stubborn woman
landed in the selfish
lap of a has-been hero
and begged him to
be something else

the burning in his
chest wrapped itself
around his heart

no one knows him well
enough to bury him

Tuesday Night Fright

Pictured Poem created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

the dog is acting weird
I worked until a later
time than normal, and since
the end of the shift, I’ve been
trying to figure out this
different behavior.

I’ve cleaned her ears, rubbed her
belly, gave her kisses & crushed ice,
and she’s still being . . . weird.

every other day, something new
is happening. a senior dog
and her aging status is
frightening me.

it’s only Tuesday.
there’s still the rest of
this week to get through.
will we make it?