But . . .

The accuracy of this, though? We want everything in a person; all the credentials, the pristine resume, the umpteen years of experience, and the close-to-if-not-perfect interview (s) before someone’s hired.

Why would it be different for churches? Most of them are doing exactly what secular society is doing.

Thank God, my peace and strength does NOT lie in man.

The above Instagram snippet is brought to you by: Pastor Isaac Frére.


Pictured Poetry created by Tremaine L. Loadholt


I remember a time when
he thought I had
fire for a spirit
and an ocean for
eyes, and then one day
“out of the blue,”
I was fire crying an ocean
of tears, instead.

I think I changed.
I think he changed.

we could no longer bask
in the presence of who
we were.
all we wanted to do
was run away from
each other.

and that ain’t love.
that will never, ever
be love.

“The night time can be quite the liar.’

I hope you have a friend who can remind you with a few words not to go where you feel like you’re going–one who can pull you back up when you feel like you’re sinking without doing or saying too much.

Because Walker is a gem; she always has been.

You just get it, and they just get you.

I really do hope you have a friend or friends like this, too.

NaPoWriMo #28


to be loved, deeply loved
is what I crave, but …
I fear it, too.


isn’t that a conundrum
that shouldn’t be a

there’s this little thing
called t r u s t that
settles itself at the
hem of my garments and
reminds me I have
a hard time with it.

and I move on
knowing the struggle
continues and only I
have the power to
overcome it.

maybe tomorrow.