The little things that make me smile . . .

Praying Mantis, praying–perhaps?

Jernee: she finally let me brush her hair so that I could take a decent picture of her.

Oh, dear . . . a deer.

My copy of Kristin Garth’s latest book of sonnets.

Sometimes, all I need are the small reminders in life to let me know I’m still living and grateful to be alive. Sometimes . . . this is what I love most about living–the little things.

she is inclined to love me forever

Jernee, giving me the stare down.

my four-legged love sits
at the top of my chair
wasting her old breaths
in my ears.
this spoiled, ageless baby
encourages me, loves me, likes me . . .
keeps my sanity where it should be.

I listen to her low-growl
at the neighbor’s kids while
they play tag outside our window.
she steadies every opposition
with a calculated pace.
they hear her and look up.
the day’s shenanigans will
wait until tomorrow.

she slides down to
the seat of the chair,
buries her cold nose
into the warm cushion,
and waits for me to nod
in approval.
I look up from my book
and smile a welcoming smile.

“Good girl.”
she sleeps for three hours



Today is Jernee’s birthday. The Little Monster and I have been through so much over these twelve years and I look forward to however many more there are for us ahead. She is my comfort, my peace, and my emotional support. I cherish her and on most days, I do not have the words to fully express just how happy I am she is in my life. Here’s her birthday micropoem:


free smiles

Just in case you need one . . .

Double Trouble: Jernee and Nala

Nala, my doggy niece is here for one full week. Jernee is elated and Nala is “blah.” LOL. Jernee loves her company and cannot contain her excitement whenever she sees Nala. I say to her often when Nala’s visiting, “Jernee, calm down. Give Nala a little space.” Just in case you needed a pick-me-up, here’s hoping this’ll do it. Happy Sunday, beautiful people.