Jernee Timid is a Walking Machine Now!

Jernee Timid during our morning walk on Friday, May 05, 2023.

I’ve been capturing Jernee on video these past five days during our morning walk. My baby girl has a bit more pep in her step!

I’m quite sure it’s probably because I’m cooking her food and paying closer attention to the treats I give her or make for her.

There’s this burst of energy that hasn’t been in her in at least 3 years now. She can walk longer distances and is even walking faster than me at times.

I am here for it! Happy Friday, beautiful people! Enjoy the video!

NaPoWriMo #10

beef (an audio poem)

beef: an audio poem by Tremaine L. Loadholt

two different, but similar;
too different, but same
events just on one
side of town versus the other.

they raged through Cali;
past trauma bubbling over the
tops of their lives.
do they know what they’re

the burdens of our crosses
can be heavier than our
work schedules, mightier
than our time.

they couldn’t burp an
authentic apology–it isn’t
in them–no act of true
kindness lives in their bones.

but here they are,
connected by trials &
tribulations & last resorts
and borrowed time

that they will
never ever get back.
and they know it.

Rest. Refuel. Rejuvenate!

YouVersion Bible App

For those of you who celebrate, will celebrate, and are happy about celebrating the holiday, Happy Easter!

May it be a day of fulfilled blessings, congregating with family & friends, and settling into the day as it is introduced to you.

Peace and blessings, beautiful people.

Jernee: A Glimpse

Jernee: staring intently at me while my mom prepares a lunch she cannot have–sloppy joes. Video created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

I have my mom over for the weekend, and this is just a short clip from yesterday, of Jernee intently staring directly at me because she wanted some of what my mom was preparing to eat, which she could NOT have–sloppy joes!

When these two get together, a barrel of laughs is had. Lol. You can hear my mom talking in the background stating something along the lines of, “You keep saying she can’t hear and can’t see” and also, “She wasn’t paying me any kind of attention.”

My mom is a loud talker. Everything she says is at a volume I’d consider NOT being an “inside voice.” I’m certain that’s the blend of the Bronx, New York and West Savannah, Georgia deeply embedded in her upbringing. Lol!

I’m forever “Shushing” her and to no avail. Oh, but she is certainly funny, and Jernee & I enjoy her company from time to time.

She can be a bit much, though. This weekend, however, we are managing not to get on each other’s nerves too badly. So, I’ll take it.

Also, this is my first post using the Jetpack app which WordPress has basically shoved down my throat. Please tell me if the post is generated okay for you on your end.

I’ve also been using the Jetpack reader for about three days. Not bad. Not bad at all, actually. I may end up being a fan.

I Picked Up an Old Pastime–Rollerskating

Sunday Funday Skating Session

And I just want to say, my body is feeling it, and I’m sure, will be feeling it well into the night and most of this coming week, but it was so worth it!

My skates. I’ve named them, “Salt & Pepa”. I sure did. IYKYK.

I intend to make this a weekly thing; retraining my body toward skating and picking up another source of exercise.

I enjoyed every moment of it, and I am so happy I shook off the fear and jumped back into something I truly love.

I may be getting older, but I won’t let aging sideline me!

Happy Sunday, beautiful people!