dream thief

Pictured Poetry created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

I am taking a short break, beautiful people.

I’ll log back into WordPress on Sunday morning, May 21, 2023.

Peace and blessings.

“The night time can be quite the liar.’

I hope you have a friend who can remind you with a few words not to go where you feel like you’re going–one who can pull you back up when you feel like you’re sinking without doing or saying too much.

Because Walker is a gem; she always has been.

You just get it, and they just get you.

I really do hope you have a friend or friends like this, too.

NaPoWriMo #22

never been us

four years later, I
see your face
snap its way back
into my mind, and I
am stunted by its
presence–unmovable, and
lost in the shambles of the
lake of us, and I want
to blink my eyes constantly
until I can’t see you anymore.

you didn’t even have
the heart to follow
through with every promise
promised or every word
unkept; I knew in the
second year I’d be your
doormat, and after the
sixth year, I pulled myself
up, dusted myself off, and
shot my way into a
more inviting direction.

you came back …
unable to let me live
my life without you
in it, and I saw that dimpled
cheek smile at me, and
the person I was while you
were away caved in.

I hate you for loving me
hard enough to cause me
to fear everyone else.
I love you for finally letting
me walk away and stay
away for good.
I warned you that we’d be
too much to handle, and now
you see that