Rest. Refuel. Rejuvenate!

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For those of you who celebrate, will celebrate, and are happy about celebrating the holiday, Happy Easter!

May it be a day of fulfilled blessings, congregating with family & friends, and settling into the day as it is introduced to you.

Peace and blessings, beautiful people.

NaPoWriMo #2

my love

Jernee Timid, sitting; enjoying the sun at my friend’s place. Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

she looks at me with
awe settling in her pupils;
sweet nectar in my heart.

I love harder because
of her, and no one will
EVER take her place.

my love wakes me up
in the morning when the
sunlight kisses her nose.
I’m alert. I’m aware. I’m
forever changed.

she is my comfort, and
the welcome wagons that
come for me and don’t
want her are unwelcome

No Negative Energy, Please.

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No Negative Energy, Please.

For the audio content for this post, please click the file above. The situation that occurred was too heavy on my heart tonight to simply write about it. I had to record it. Please know and understand, I recognize the fact that I cannot get rid of my mom–she is a total part of my life, but there will be things that will change for me to be able to continue to be around her without completely breaking down.

Her energy will have to shift. And I pray that we grow to a place where I can see that happen before one of us dies.

Take care of yourself, and be well.

an undeniable peace

Photo by PNW Production via Pexels

before the workday
began, I sent a few
prayers up for
strength and endurance
and for peace.

this week has been
a storm wrapped in
a tsunami yet I
have the pleasure
of working with
an amazing team–a
beautiful bunch of
people who see
the storm and react

we tackle every
obstacle we’ve trained
for effortlessly–loading
hard times on our
backs–our proverbial
crosses to bear, and
we march forth,
determined to complete
every task.

there is an
undeniable peace in
knowing suffering isn’t
an act of alone(ness)–it
is never as brutal
as it can be when
the number is
just one.