the roofers came today–banged
the mess out of tired shingles
and drilled into spaces where
drilling didn’t sound like
it needed to take place

all of this because of a recurring
leak right above my fireplace
the dog slept throughout
the entire crazy show
and I wondered how …

I worked during this–took
call after call after call
and endured a throbbing
headache from the noise
making my acquaintance

when the job was complete,
they collected their ladder,
threw all of the old
pieces of my roof to the
ground, and left without
saying a word

I don’t even know
if the repairs are actually

I guess I’ll soon find out
this is North Carolina,
after all

rain is definitely
on the way

pursued accomplishments

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we–a team of people
set out to pursue our
greatest accomplishment
on a Saturday morning
that led into the afternoon.

determined to risk it all
at the drop of a hat–completing
all outbound calls for three
different groups became
our reality.

it is a beautiful thing to
watch a goal reached
center itself right before your
eyes and share that with
the people who make
your work-life an
enjoyable one.

the ultimate task had
been tackled, pinned down,
and served a full cup of
“finally finished”, and our
emotions piled up and
categorized us as one.

something that looked
unattainable was at our
grasp all along–all we had to
do was extend our hands
just a little more.

Originally shared via LinkedIn.

Stepping Out on Faith

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An opportunity I had been wanting to apply for recently became available at my job. Today, I applied for it; confident in myself and my skills, and the knowledge I have as it pertains to our department’s tasks.

Stepping out of my comfort zone is continuing to happen on my end. I love the team I get to share these experiences with every single day and to possibly move forward and assist our team in another way is sending joy through every fiber of my being.

You will never know what you’re capable of if you don’t take any chances.

I am taking chances and patiently waiting for whatever may come.

It’s a beautiful day to dream BIG.

I am sharing this post from yesterday on LinkedIn. I know God has something big in store for me. I just have to be patient, but I am jumping into spaces and opportunities that present themselves to me more and more. I’ve got a good feeling about this one!