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Limp Blimp

I enjoy reading this blogger, wordsmith, political poetical spry wise guy. I am sure you will, as well.

Not only does he bring the heat using words, he creates musical vibes that sink deep into your bones, to which, he has dubbed, “tone poems.”

Move your mind, and while you’re at it, dance a little, and move your body, too.

You will not be disappointed!

This Body I Carry Is Changing Me

Kathy Garland, such an amazing asset to this WordPress community, has published my article about my experience with perimenopause so far. I am honored to be hosted at “Navigating the Change.” Please venture over and give the article a read. Thank you in advance!

Navigating the Change

Most women have no clue what our bodies can and cannot do. 

Photo by Diana Simumpande onUnsplash

I was never taught that my body would turn on me at the drop of a dime as soon as I celebrated a certain age — 39, to be exact. I had zero understanding of all that I began experiencing until I started doing research on my own. It is baffling and utterly mind-blowing the changes a woman must go through in order to feel settled and secure in the body she carries.

I wish someone would have said to me when I was in my 20s, “Listen, baby girl... now that you’ve reached this age, let me tell you what to expect when you get to your late 30s and early 40s. The proverbial shit will hit the fan, and everything you have become familiar with on and in your body will change in…

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Writers: A Challenge

I Am Sharing This Here As Well . . .

Writers: A Challenge

50-word Story: Animate your life

Photo by Donald Wu on Unsplash

Hello, beautiful people! Welcome to the second challenge since A Cornered Gurl’s relaunch. What do I have brewing in my mind for you now? Something I truly hope you can get into. We will tackle the task of animating your life or telling me about your life as it is linked to or related to your favorite animated movie, cartoon, claymation, etc. You get the drift.

And how will we do this? We will do so using the 50-word story (or a minisaga).

50-word story (minisaga)

A minisaga, mini saga or mini-saga is a short story based on a long story. It should contain exactly 50 words, plus a title of up to 15 characters. However, the title requirement is not always enforced and sometimes eliminated altogether. Minisagas are alternately known as microstories, ultra-shorts stories, or fifty-word stories.


The challenge: Please tell me about your life, but do so by comparing it or linking it to your favorite animated movie, cartoon, claymation, etc. Are The Flintstones your favorite go-to cartoon? How so? How is it directly related to your life? Dexter’s Laboratory is closely related to who you are and how your life operates — tell us how. The Incredibles directly define you and your family in some sort of way . . . really? Give us the details, but guess what — do so using exactly 50 words.

An example:

I was blessed with a quick wit, nearsightedness, and too much useless information packed into my head. I had an oddball gang of friends who didn’t mind carrying on with me. Sarcasm was my bosom buddy and I wasn’t popular, but I was well-known. Daria should have been my name.

Let’s get our thinking caps on, beautiful people!

•Request to be added as a writer by emailing me at acorneredgurl[AT]gmail[DOT]com with “Please Add Me” as the subject line and please include the link to your Medium profile. Don’t want to be a writer in A Cornered Gurl? Simply comment with your response in this challenge post, or create your own post to your profile or in another publication, however, please use the tags, “Challenge” and “Pandemic.”

The challenge will run from Sunday, January 22, 2023, until 6:00 PM, Sunday, January 29, 2023 (with publishing days as Friday, Sunday, and Monday based on ACG’s publishing schedule). Please have “Animate your life 50-word story” as the subtitle for your submission. CHALLENGE SUBMISSION BEGINS NOW!

Let’s explore what we can do with a fun topic that will allow us to reminisce, and hopefully have a great time while we get creative, too.

Bring it, beautiful people!

A Cornered Gurl Guidelines:Instagram

Originally published as a newsletter via A Cornered Gurl on Medium.

A New Look for A Cornered Gurl

A Cornered Gurl Logo created using Canva by Tremaine L. Loadholt

And of me, too.

I have been wanting to change things up a bit here at A Cornered Gurl, however, the new themes and layouts for WordPress aren’t really my jam. So, I have decided to stick with the theme I have which is, Radiate, and create a new logo/header image, instead.

I must admit, I like this one a lot more than my previous logo/header image. It speaks to me on a higher level and I actually see more of myself in it, too. Also, notice how the woman is placed in the corner, hmm. Yes, totally deliberate.

I also have this same theme running of sorts for the A Cornered Gurl publication via Medium.

You’ll also notice I’ve changed my profile picture as well as the site icon. The new profile picture gives you a glimpse of the first weekend I had my microlocs installed. It’s simple, sleek, colorful, and makes me smile every time I see it.

Microlocs installment photo collage by Tremaine L. Loadholt

And the site icon image is the photo I had for my profile previously. I rather adore this photo, so I thought to use it as the icon people will see upon searching for my site. It p o p s and shows my signature smile and oversized blue light specs.

Hello! Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

And there you have it, folks! Three simple changes that give ACG a new look and feel. Visit the site directly so you can place your eyes on the changes yourself. As always, thanks for coming along with me on this journey, and I appreciate your presence!