For the Mothering Ones

A Mother’s Day poem

Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

I won’t claim to know
the depth of love a
mother has for her
children; how she will war
for them without hesitation,
disciplines them when it’s
necessary, and sacrifices to
keep them sustained.

She is a queen who does
not own any crowns except
the one on her head, yet she
dazzles the earth with her

I can’t say I know what
she has had to do in
order to make $15.00
last until the next payday
with two other mouths
to feed, but I know
the glow around her as
it shines to reach the
rest of us.

And as we stand outside of
her realm, us … the mothering ones,
watching her and
taking notes, we can
somewhat understand.

If you are a nurturer, caretaking
for someone who needs
an extra hand, I see you.
If you race toward the overtime
offers to pull in additional funds
for a senior pet, a niece or
nephew, or your neighbor’s
neglected twins, I see you.

If you haven’t slept in
three days because your dying
cat’s medicine cost more
than your groceries, I see you.
If you are an older sibling
putting your sisters and brothers
ahead of your wants & needs,
I k n o w that place.

And as we all catapult
ourselves into a constantly
taking world, we give
and give and give until
the last bit of us is
dried up and gone.

And even then, we’ll give
some more.

For the mothering ones;
Your plight is one that
cannot be denied, and with
every piling day, may your
existence be praised from
the pits of full bellies,
from the mouths of babes,
and from the people who
need you most.

I see you.

Originally published in soliloque via Medium.

Sometimes, the Magic Is in the Words …

and all you have to do is listen. I love this account. She’s so uplifting and talented, and she’s also funny, too.

May this video touch and agree with you on the places and spaces you need opened up in your life.

Peace and blessings.

NaPoWriMo #11

the silent twins

The Silent Twins Trailer

feeding off one another’s
shifty moods and competitive
ways, these two parade
around in silence in front
of everyone outside of
their bubble.

june & jenny
jenny & june
sisters of silence
and mayhem and turmoil
and eating disorders.

I teared up witnessing a
harnessed neck collapsing
at the sight of a broken
hearted sibling wailing
with no sound.

how’d they manage to
live so long before one
died on the shoulder of
the other?

how’d they manage to
pump enough blood
to their hearts when
they spent so much time
bathed in depression?

such lovely parents.
such lovely parents.
understanding and willing
to do what was best
for the girls–an empath’s
soul will not make it without

be careful of what you
share with your mind
when all you were searching
for was a Sunday afternoon
movie in which to escape.


Pictured Poetry created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

And now, a few photos of me from Sunday; before I reached the skating rink and after.

Rocking a favorite shirt of mine with the very lovely Lauryn Hill on it.
Skating and having a good time. Photo Credit: my co-worker, Shannon.
And again. Photo Credit: my co-worker, Shannon.