I Am Claiming My Happiness

A Snapshot

Friday is most often my favorite day of the week, but today, this Friday feels special. I woke up long before the cock of the crow–body clock had its own plans. There was a light mist in the air before the impending rain. A short walk with the dog presented a sense of presence–a sense of #relief.

I could feel it deep down in my bones–today is truly going to be a great day. I say so. I’ll make it so.

May Friday grant you whatever you may need today. I am claiming my happiness–I wish the same for you, too.

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*The last five days have been the break I needed. Sometimes it’s best to step away from everything and feel EVERYTHING while it’s fresh and painful. I allowed myself the chance to move through the weight of bad news and still grieve without shame–without harming myself or others. A breath of fresh air is often more than simply inhaling the gifts around us. Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts, prayers, emails, etc. This is such an awesome community, and I’m grateful for it.

NaPoWriMo #16


I’ve written a book of poems
no one can read right now
without crying or feeling
like their heart will raise itself
up out of their chest, and walk
away willingly.

it helped me–to flesh out those
poems–to lend them to the air
around me, and grieve . . .
truly grieve as each day passes.

it’s in phases.
sad to acceptance to mourning
to celebrating the life she
lived and being grateful to
share the same blood with a
human being so God-damned

I know the agony my family
feels as they struggle through
each poem.
I know the pain that creeps in,
sits at attention, and waits
to be acknowledged.

I know all of this because I
wrote the words that causes
the pain that helps me heal.

Not Okay

The indomitable Sarah Doughty, beautiful people. Truth is spoken here–such truth.

Sarah Doughty

“Here’s the thing:
Nothing about this is okay.
You are not okay.”

Here’s the thing you don’t seem to understand. You aren’t funny. Intolerance, bigotry, and misogyny is no laughing matter. It is not okay to turn someone’s fears into a joke. It is not okay to mock someone. It is not okay taunt a victim. To make excuses for what happened to them. To make light of what they needed to do to survive.

Have you not noticed the trail of burned bridges you’ve left behind you? Have you not noticed the people you have offended? How about the fact that they are women, or men that appreciate women for who they are? Their strength. Their resilience.

No. It is not okay. You are not okay. Get some fucking perspective and some humility while you’re at it.

© Sarah Doughty

Try to learn to be better.
For the sake…

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Your Poem From Me Request #11

The Giving Cause: I Am No One’s Number One

Senryu, 6 Parts

bound by wayward hands
this–a life I did not seek
breaks my lonely heart

never a first choice
played with and sought after when
life seems relentless

he didn’t pick me
he didn’t pick me either
do I still matter

I shouldn’t give up
it’s my positive outlook
but I do worry

will I die alone
never knowing heart’s true love
or will I bounce back

I haven’t lost faith
men whisper about my smile
I’m still a good catch

Thank you Clay Rivers for giving me the opportunity to gift this poem to you, and for being vulnerable enough to request it. I hope I’ve done your request justice. Peace and blessings.

To learn more about Your Poem From Me: The Giving Cause, click here. Let me write a poem for you. I can give it life

Your Poem From Me Request #10

The Giving Cause: Ignorance Is Bliss?

Photo by David Leong via ReShot

I know you see me,
I KNOW you do. Who
you see before you is not
who you say I am.
What must I do to get you
to see this person
instead of who you claim
to see?

A moment’s glance–a few more
seconds, and you will realize your
error, this is what I think . . .
but I’ve been proven wrong more
times than I care to count.
I am not a woman. I am not a woman.
See me. SEE ME!

When I open my mouth, you
come to grips with your ignorance;
a pronoun you selected for me
isn’t applicable to me–where does
this leave us?
Out in a cold area without
much probability of return
as you consistently take us
there every chance you get.

I am tired of explaining myself;
exhausted from covering the
subject. Here, see . . . this is
my name–address me by
name only.

Let it sink in.
Let it build. Let it mold.
Let it marinate.

A little compassion is what
I seek–some understanding is welcome.
I am so tired of a world
that doesn’t care enough
about a person to simply
respect them.

We must change. We need to
change. We have to

Thank you again to Matt Snyder for allowing me to gift another poem to you. Writing this one felt as if it would touch many others. I hope it does.

To learn more about Your Poem From Me: The Giving Cause, click here. Let me write a poem for you. I can give it life