When Alanis Slapped Serena

Photo by Ana Bregantin on Pexels.com

I stared dumbfounded, thinking,
“Yo! Serena, I know you’re going
to react! React!”
But she didn’t, and I realized
she’s calculating, plotting,
and preparing her escape from
The Wheelers who are …
ironically just as she had been
as 1/2 The Waterfords.

I am not a lover of revenge,
I don’t think it’ll make things
better. I do, however, acknowledge
the need for human beings to
free themselves from shackles.

And when Serena crept slowly
through the door to make
her brave exit, something sinister
in me rejoiced, even though
I once wanted her demise
on a platter for a late
Friday night snack.

THMT Trailer that includes the Alanis Wheeler to Serena Waterford slap.

just let me breathe

I have talked about triggers–how
I’m trying to wade through them,
forgiving you for leaving–loving
you even more for not staying …

you knew how much you
could take, how no form
of fake air could save you.

I try to push through my
nights–try to get myself
ahead without a single tear.
I am unsuccessful in
my endeavors.

that doesn’t mean I
won’t keep trying.
I aim to breathe again
without the stifling pain
of remembrance.

I want to.
and so shall it be.