NaPoWriMo #24


forgotten curry
settling in the back of
the cupboard slips its way
into my line of sight
and I prepare my chicken
with it.

Some mixed peppercorn,
a bit of garlic powder,
a dash of salt, and seasoned
a meal fit for a queen and
her party of fools
dances on my sensitive

diced potatoes, steamed
broccoli, and filtered water
to wet my whistling lips.
I fall into the beauty
that is meal prep and
the dog stands guard at
the kitchen door, waiting
for dropped morsels.

there aren’t any.

NaPoWriMo #13

the way to my heart is …

Wednesday night dinner: bbq chicken thighs, roasted Brussels sprouts, & potatoes with onions & cheese

a homecooked meal
can shift moods–favorite
moments in my life
revolve around food.

it equals togetherness.
it is church.
it is a mutual understanding
of filling my stomach
as well as my mind.

I am a growing vessel
ready to be used for
the purposes of His will.

I cater to me–I know what
I want, and when my
body is happy, I can extend
happiness to others.

do you really want to
love me?
feed me.

Jernee: A Glimpse

Jernee: staring intently at me while my mom prepares a lunch she cannot have–sloppy joes. Video created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

I have my mom over for the weekend, and this is just a short clip from yesterday, of Jernee intently staring directly at me because she wanted some of what my mom was preparing to eat, which she could NOT have–sloppy joes!

When these two get together, a barrel of laughs is had. Lol. You can hear my mom talking in the background stating something along the lines of, “You keep saying she can’t hear and can’t see” and also, “She wasn’t paying me any kind of attention.”

My mom is a loud talker. Everything she says is at a volume I’d consider NOT being an “inside voice.” I’m certain that’s the blend of the Bronx, New York and West Savannah, Georgia deeply embedded in her upbringing. Lol!

I’m forever “Shushing” her and to no avail. Oh, but she is certainly funny, and Jernee & I enjoy her company from time to time.

She can be a bit much, though. This weekend, however, we are managing not to get on each other’s nerves too badly. So, I’ll take it.

Also, this is my first post using the Jetpack app which WordPress has basically shoved down my throat. Please tell me if the post is generated okay for you on your end.

I’ve also been using the Jetpack reader for about three days. Not bad. Not bad at all, actually. I may end up being a fan.