hello, Thursday

Pictured Poetry created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

Motivational Affirmations To Self #2

Below, you will find a few affirmations I’ve been saying to myself daily and sharing them to LinkedIn. I hope you find them helpful, just as much as I have, and others too.

Every day, it gives me a boost in my morning to read something positive, and also follow up with a quote I can say to myself. I believe these quotes. They’re applicable to me, but perhaps, they’re applicable to you, too.

Our current atmosphere is tainted with pain, disbelief, the will to probably not go on, and exhaustion. Even more now, I need these motivational affirmations. I hope you can connect with them as well.

Life is meant to be lived, so I am living.

The Best of the Best

Remember my “Throwbacks” piece published in The Drabble? Well, lovely people, I found my record player, and I purchased four used records to get my record collection started.

You’ll see before you, Zhan√©’s Request Line (several versions), Anita Baker’s, Same Ole Love (365 Days A Year), Roberta Flack’s Blue Lights in the Basement, and Commodores’ Midnight Magic, and I’m incredibly happy right now . . . beyond words, happy.

Oh, sweet baby, “I’ll be good to you.”
The setup.
Throwbacks, indeed. All photos by Tremaine L. Loadholt

some throwback music
passing the sweet time tonight
just falling in love

I wish each of you a wondrous Friday night with a fantastic weekend ahead. Peace and blessings, beautiful people.

Words I Won’t Forget

Christmas cards for 2021

Before I pack these precious words up and store them away, I wanted to share the gift that will keep on giving: the gift of expressiveness through words. Each card pulled a different feeling out of me, and I will cherish every single one of them.

I hope all of you have had the time to enjoy this holiday season and lean into “the little things” just a bit more. I know I have, and I am grateful.