3 Wins

Three things that gave me joy today:

ūüĎČūüŹĺ Hearing a patient laugh uncontrollably

ūüĎČūüŹĺ Watching my dog get excited about the “perfect potty spot”

ūüĎČūüŹĺ Seeing the look on my therapist’s face when I shared a high moment about an upcoming venture

I had already planned to have an awesome day today. I prayed about it. I welcomed it with open arms, and it stayed awhile.

And now I begin my #mini #staycation, and I am looking forward to every minute of it.

Originally shared via LinkedIn. It’s been such a great day today. Happy almost Friday, beautiful people!

crows’ church

3 Crows. Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

three sit peacefully
looking down on the
passersby as they
speed down the highway.

what do they vaticinate about
today? what do they see?

I am cautious as I sneak up
behind them, dog in tow,
eager to catch the shot,
yet wise enough to
keep my distance.

this is their church,
we are their congregation.

I wonder what they
expect as tithes.


Photo by Nibret Sanga via Pexels

I couldn’t fathom
how my voice could
make a first impression–how
it would change the
atmosphere of a patient’s
life who was suffering
from post-menopausal

when you can hear the
tension easing its way
out of someone’s body
because you made them
laugh, reminisce, and
think of their happiest
memory, how you
“sound” is an afterthought.

“You just have the most
soothing voice, and I
hope they send me a survey
because I will definitely
fill it out.”

I haven’t been able
to stay in the boxes
created for me; not then,
not now, and as long as
I have the ability to
impact another human
being’s life in a positive
way, I doubt I ever will.

cages don’t have enough
metal to hold me–to glue
me to their posts.
I break free.
I always … always
break free.

an undeniable peace

Photo by PNW Production via Pexels

before the workday
began, I sent a few
prayers up for
strength and endurance
and for peace.

this week has been
a storm wrapped in
a tsunami yet I
have the pleasure
of working with
an amazing¬†team–a
beautiful bunch of
people who see
the storm and react

we tackle every
obstacle¬†we’ve trained
for effortlessly–loading
hard times on our
backs–our proverbial
crosses to bear, and
we march forth,
determined to complete
every task.

there is an
undeniable peace in
knowing suffering isn’t
an act of alone(ness)–it
is never as brutal
as it can be when
the number is
just one.


I wash my white clothes
without washing them–
re-read that …
I thought I’d selected
the settings, pressed
the start button, and
walked away from the
beginning of cleanliness
for my fabrics, but
apparently, I forgot to
do this.

there’s nothing like
finding dried laundry
detergent on your lights
and whites, and being
puzzled by this¬†fact–
nothing like having to
actually wash your clothes
when you thought you’ve
already done this.

maybe it was working overtime
two days in a row, followed
by traveling to visit
my mom after a full
week of craziness
that almost showed no
signs of letting up.
and the cleaning and the
cooking and the caregiving
of a senior dog
or a combination of all
these things.

and now, as I listen
to the whir and hum
of my washing machine,
I am thankful for
the ability to take on
this task again from
the comfort of
my home.