An Overnight Trip To Charlotte, NC

TRU by Hilton hotel near the Charlotte Airport on Cascade Pointe Blvd.
The bar in the lobby, business space, TV, Jernee resting #1, Jernee resting #2, and a blow dryer bag.
My best friend’s dogs: Baby Bella Rue #1, Baby Bella Rue #2, & Stacey-Lou and Bella Rue. And of course, Jernee Timid, too.

Jernee Timid is a Walking Machine Now!

Jernee Timid during our morning walk on Friday, May 05, 2023.

I’ve been capturing Jernee on video these past five days during our morning walk. My baby girl has a bit more pep in her step!

I’m quite sure it’s probably because I’m cooking her food and paying closer attention to the treats I give her or make for her.

There’s this burst of energy that hasn’t been in her in at least 3 years now. She can walk longer distances and is even walking faster than me at times.

I am here for it! Happy Friday, beautiful people! Enjoy the video!

NaPoWriMo #26

hopeful getaway

the birthday weekend
didn’t host a getaway
but mountains still sing

I’m hopeful this time
will greet me with so much fun
hiding in shadows

early start to search
for a temporary home
while mountain air soothes

with Jernee in tow
I will make sweet memories
first weekend of May