Saturday: The Beauty of Newness

now my nerves can settle,
my heart no longer flutters,
butterflies aren’t forming,
in my stomach and all is well.

today, I experienced hearty laughs,
a homecooked meal not prepared
by my hands, a casual walk around
a community park, and in-depth

I watched my dog patrol my
best friend’s home searching for
her late friend.
we sighed. we teared up.
it’ll take time for this pain
to subside. I will not rush it.

Saturday gifted me with the
beauty of newness.
while safe in my cocoon before,
I slithered out to smell the
air of a different place, in the
comfort of living beings,
and I needed it.

mini staycation

first day off;
doctors appointments
(oral and orbits),
errands to run,
only to snake
myself back inside
where the hum
of a senior fur creature’s
breathing meets my

This is the first day of my five-day (weekend included) mini staycation. I’ve a dental and an opthalmologist’s appointment, a little bit of grocery shopping to get done, and a whole bunch of loving up on Jernee. Happy weekend, folks!

Da Ai (Greatest Love)

A narrative audio poem

Photo by Michael Lane via Redshot
Da Ai (Greatest Love) Audio

it is Saturday morning
before the birdsong ends,
my neighbor tests his drone.
he prepares its landing
just before Jernee and I
cross his path.
he giggles excitedly at his

I say to him, “Like a little
kid on Christmas Day.”
he responds, “Almost.”
the joy shivering through
his skin is contagious.
I giggle too.
I watch him swoop his
body through the air — throwing
it at the sun, following the seeker.

this moment of happiness
is logged into my
memory bank. I’m
blessed by its occurrence.
he crosses over from his
side of the complex to
mine, plants his feet onto
Autumn’d grass, and sets his
toy free into the air again.

his smile remains.
I pick up my stride
getting close to our building
I feel the pressing of air
charging for my veins.
this is my favorite season — 
it pulls my body out of
mourning and we welcome
the dead and the dying
knowing new life is ahead.

the sun opens its eyes,
clearing the crust of the
previous night, and light
kisses my face. I motion
my eyes to my neighbor and
he’s shooting his head in small
spurts to the right, guiding
his robotic friend to safety.

Jernee is a strutter.
she attacks our walks with
the vigor of a playful puppy instead
of a senior and I am somewhat
jealous of this gift.
I pace myself, battling a
shoddy ankle from a shower fall
five years ago.
the pain still lingers, but
I fight it head-on.

the greatest love for me
at this very moment is
walking ahead of me,
tags and metal identifiers clinking
together — little random bells
making their own music.
a signal that we have arrived
home and can now 
find sweet rest.

*Author’s Note: I am currently reading, Greatest Love by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha with Master Maya Mackie and Master Francisco Quintero. It’s a great piece of literature in which to lose myself after a few stressful days of work.

Originally published in The Junction via Medium.