Monday’s Ego

wind chimes clink
in the night air
lovers lock arms
cars honk horns
and speed by
Monday evening wipes
its eyes

she turns her hands
up to Tuesday
and the week
bows humbly to
stroke her ego

Originally shared via Twitter.

Beauty in Nature

I am sharing a few photos with you from my trip to Charlotte, NC to spend the night with my best friend. We stayed in mostly, and only ventured out for a short trip to the store and then to a greenhouse/nursery on Sunday morning. We donned our masks and social distanced ourselves from other shoppers and viewers of the beauty before us all. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.

Peace lily
Blue-green: succulents
Part of my best friend’s collection. She’s got her own little nature sanctuary all throughout her home.
Isn’t this a beauty?!