body clock

Photo by Love Afrodite via ReShot

awake before the alarm, the body knows when my eyes should open–dreams have halted–sleep is no longer appealing.

should I give it what it wants or should I play the game of dodging its call and close my eyes to drift again?

resistance is futile.

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The Cone of Shame

The Little Monster and her cone of shame, #1.
Jernee and her cone of shame, #2.

Two Thursdays ago, this little one injured her front left paw somehow. I have no clue what she’s done to it, I just know she’d begun chewing on it and gnawing at it like something had been aggravating her. I consulted her Vet that Thursday morning as I’d cleaned it, disinfected it, wrapped it gingerly, and gave her a half Benadryl so she could rest. The vet advised me to monitor her, keep doing what I was doing, and call them if she did not get better. Welp, about six days after the incident, I notice she just wanted to attack the paw, even while it was wrapped up because it had begun itching her badly. I said to myself, “You are going to need a cone because you just won’t let this paw heal.”

She had an examination today, and overall, she’s good to go. She was issued antibiotics, steroids, the cone of shame, and I have been advised to leave the paw exposed as the steroids will help with the inflammation and pain. Per her Vet, “If she doesn’t get any better, please call me.” And call him, I will if my baby doesn’t start showing signs of progress.

But as it stands, she dons the cone of shame like a champ, doesn’t she?

The Life

Jenee Timid, just lazing about.
And again . . . Must be nice.

When all you have to do is sit around and look pretty, I guess you can afford to laze about all day while others take care of you and everything else. Lol.

Jernee takes FULL advantage of everything given to her and of her current status: Loyal Dog and Emotional Support Pet in Charge. Gotta love her!