“something’s missing”

Courtesy of Pinterest

the scent of your hair
a cupped breast in a crooked mouth
darkness on the horizon
slow footsteps
pacing the hardwood
closed door, jagged edges…

a broken heart

Visual Verse January Prompt

If you’re new to following me, I used to maintain a blog under the same name, “A Cornered Gurl,” however, the url was https://www.simplesoulsister.com (if I remember correctly), and every month, I posted published pieces from Visual Verse for their art/visual arts prompts. I will continue to do that here. Thank you for coming along. I truly appreciate it.

This month, the artwork used for the prompt is intense. I had several thoughts bouncing about in my head and I finally settled on what you will see below. I have titled it, “Fear of the Unknown.” Just as I did before, I will post a snippet of the piece here, then link you to the rest of the piece via the anthology’s website.

Fear of the Unknown

Through the dust
Came a rugged form
Twisting and contorting its body
Into unheard of shapes.

I stood by with my
Heart racing and my hands
Trying to wring themselves
Free of tremors.
God wouldn’t greet
Me this way,
I thought—
Surely, this thing is of the Devil.

That is where my mind
Ran off to…
It was in a hurry and
Before I could get my feet
To work, my mind was spinning
Circles all around us.
So, I said to my body,
“It’s now or never.”
And now came before
I could lean into the wind.

The piece, in its entirety, can be found at Visual Verse. Thank you for reading.