December’s Visual Verse Prompt

It has been a few months since I have posted something from Visual Verse. Truth be told, the last few prompt pictures, I sincerely did not care for, and when I cannot be prompted, then there’s nothing that comes from the art presented to the Writers from my mind to the screen, however, this month–I truly enjoyed the artwork used and I wanted to create something a bit fun, creative, yet emotional too. As always, I will post a snippet of the piece here, then direct you to it in its entirety via the website.

A big thank you to Visual Verse for letting this one fly.


she’s gifted, you know?
that’s what the administrators
at our school say of her.
she’s “exceptional”, “amazing”
“vibrant” and “eclectic”.
she has her own style.
I’ve watched her work,
watched her splay the brush
back and forth, making art
quicker than anyone I have ever known.
with simple brushstrokes,
an inanimate object
comes to life.

You can read the rest here. As I stated above, I truly enjoyed this month’s prompt and I am anxious to see what January will offer. As always, thank you for reading.

July’s Visual Verse Prompt

This month’s Visual Verse prompt is a titillating one. From just one glance at the photo, so many scenarios came to me, but I settled on one that just would not stop bopping about in my head. It is entitled “Rewind.” I will post a snippet of it here and then direct you to the poem in its entirety toward the end of this post. There’s still time if you want to submit for this month’s prompt. Writers, make it happen. Use that creativity of yours and get on it, doggone it.


She pressed PLAY and watched him
sit back casually, dreaming
of better days.
Her hair, pinned up, her eyes–
faithful to his stare.
She was a golden arc, welcoming
his entrance.
FAST FORWARD to their wedding day
and the two of them had no reason
Every dream was finally coming true.

Or so they thought.
Her first attempt at making him
a father, her, a mother, failed.
That’s what the doctor called it,
“a failed attempt.”
And the second, and the third.
And every breath she took
felt like the last.

As always, many thanks to Visual Verse and to those of you reading. I truly appreciate you stopping by. For the rest of the poem, please go here

Peace and blessings. 

June Visual Verse Prompt: Milk & Honey

This month’s Visual Verse prompt is an interesting one. I thought it a great opportunity to do a bit of flash fiction for this image. It’s an intriguing image and the subject appears at peace–serene. The first thing that came to my mind is a cleansing, how something is purged or can be purged from our system, our hearts, and our minds. Below, you will find a snippet of my contribution for this month and then, a link to the piece in its entirety.

As always, thank you for reading.

Milk & Honey

The cool blend of milk and honey wrapped itself around her. This would be a cleansing, a release of the heartache that plagued her for weeks. She never thought she would have to say goodbye to a love that lasted longer than her dream of love. Three years… Three sacred years that she will never get back, gone — forever.

As she stood still, every pore of her body welcomed the cleanse and pulsed with sensation. She thought of his touch, his breath, his hands pressed onto her spine. He was all over her: in her bedroom and her walls. He had taken over everything she knew.

Many thanks to Visual Verse and to all of you for stopping by. The rest of the entry is here: Milk & Honey.

Visual Verse: February Prompt

This past month, Visual Verse was overrun with entries for the prompt. The artwork is a great selection and I loved writing something for it. I chose Haiku as the form and went with 4 parts for my entry which was recently published on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. I will share two parts here with you and then direct you to the poem in its entirety via the anthology’s website. I am going to get a bit of a headstart on March’s prompt if I can. The image used looks as if it’ll be interesting in which to draw inspiration. For now, here’s February’s submission.

Scent of Purple: Haiku, 4 Parts

Wintry mix of life
In purple hue, treading ground
Last minute errands.

In the dead of night,
She fumbles through the thick snow
Her hat, a safe space.

As always, thank you so much for reading. You can find the rest of the poem via Visual Verse’s website, here. Peace and blessings.

Visual Verse January Prompt

If you’re new to following me, I used to maintain a blog under the same name, “A Cornered Gurl,” however, the url was (if I remember correctly), and every month, I posted published pieces from Visual Verse for their art/visual arts prompts. I will continue to do that here. Thank you for coming along. I truly appreciate it.

This month, the artwork used for the prompt is intense. I had several thoughts bouncing about in my head and I finally settled on what you will see below. I have titled it, “Fear of the Unknown.” Just as I did before, I will post a snippet of the piece here, then link you to the rest of the piece via the anthology’s website.

Fear of the Unknown

Through the dust
Came a rugged form
Twisting and contorting its body
Into unheard of shapes.

I stood by with my
Heart racing and my hands
Trying to wring themselves
Free of tremors.
God wouldn’t greet
Me this way,
I thought—
Surely, this thing is of the Devil.

That is where my mind
Ran off to…
It was in a hurry and
Before I could get my feet
To work, my mind was spinning
Circles all around us.
So, I said to my body,
“It’s now or never.”
And now came before
I could lean into the wind.

The piece, in its entirety, can be found at Visual Verse. Thank you for reading.