Courtesy of Pinterest

I am broken without you
shards of glass shifting down the tracks–
you cover me with your warmth,
breaths that I inhale, savoring each one.

I see you in glimpses of light,
waving on the windowsill,
I crave your touch.
It is a blessing to watch you sleep,
smile at you when you wake–
a gift unwrapped with caution.

You are still fragile with me.
Every curve of your body
settles into my embrace,
I will not break you.
I say this as I feel the beats of
your heart sync in time with mine.

You are safe in my care.

Forever is not enough time
with you.
I want ten thousand forevers
and twenty more after.

And even then,
That wouldn’t be enough.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ©Lao Tzu

The First Time

Courtesy of Sacred Margins/Maria Makki

Damon has his hands full. Last night consisted of tossing and turning uncontrollably. Linda refused him their bed. Another heated argument landed him a night on the couch. A common theme in their home. He has lost his sense of self. He doesn’t know who he is and cannot remember who he was. Since the voices entered his head, he was changing. 

He carries a bowl of cereal, a mug of coffee, and the weight of his unforgiving heart on his shoulders. He struggles as he makes his way to the family room. Today, he will apologize.  

Linda is combing her dully colored hair. Damon said the highlights looked like they were torturing her scalp. She’d spent three hours and $85.00 at the salon, yearning for perfection. 

“Everything I do, I do for him.”

She mumbles excuses for her reactionary behavior while glancing at her tired reflection in the mirror.  She belittled Damon for his momentary outbursts, unwilling to see his progress. Today, she will end the suffering.  

The hardwood floors of their Victorian home creak under the pressure of heavy feet. Both of them pace in place, struggling to keep their anger sealed. Their therapist advised in the last session, “Let go of what does not matter. Embrace what does.” The walls whisper sound advice, in the frozen foyer, Damon hears them:

“Love or lose. Win no more.”

He races up the stairs, bursts into their bedroom, and lunges towards his wife. He catches her moments before she kills herself.  

This is the first time the voices in his head are right.