And just like that, 16 years have passed.

Screenshot of my 16-year anniversary here on WordPress.

And what an amazing 16 years it has been!

Writers: A Challenge

“Loyalty” in three words

The love of my life: Jernee Timid Loadholt. Photo Collage Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

It is one of the qualities I find most important in the people I allow in my circle: loyalty. If you are not able to support me or stand by my side when hard times arise — we may not last as friends. And in turn, I should be able to do the same for you — be there, support you, lift you up when you’re feeling down, and help you in any way that I can. I don’t have to ask of these things from Jernee. She is my full support system and live-in love magnet. If ever I fall into a fit of tears, my girl is always right there to press against me, cuddle, and paw at my tears. I get from her what I need — I always hope she’s getting from me what she needs.

So, the challenge? Express loyalty using three words only. What does loyalty mean to you? Is it important? Was anyone ever disloyal in your life — how’d that affect you? 

Here’s mine:

undeniable . . .
true love.

Writers: let’s get creative, shall we? Express loyalty using just three words. You can do this! I know you can.

Please, bring it!

And of course, there’s music. The Brothers Johnson, I’ll Be Good to You


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No Little Sister, No Baby Girl…

Monterey and I at the shelter, connecting.

Monterey and I at the shelter, connecting. Again.

We had a home visit last night with this beautiful little one that you see me holding. Needless to say, my senior little one Jernee is NOT having it! The Foster Mom/Shelter Rep and I both agreed that she’d be better off in another home. I am happy to have gotten a chance to cuddle with this baby and connect with her on a small scale. 

It’s my old lady Jernee and I until it’s not. *Just look at her eyes!* But my heart is loyal to Jernee, she calls the shots. I just wish she’d be open to letting me love another little one as much as I love her. She’ll be eleven soon and her overprotective/possessive/jealous ways set the tone for our home. I have learned that Jernee will not make it a welcome space for a puppy and that hurts, but that’s life. 

Jernee, shortly after the home visit. When I look at those eyes, I cannot do anything else but love her.