Dead in Akron

An Audio Lamentation for Jayland Walker

Photo by bimo mentara on Unsplash
Dead in Akron by Tremaine L. Loadholt

90 shots fired?
90? 90? Are we sure?
Could be a little more
Could be a little less.
Who’s counting? When it’s
us, who’s counting?

You can’t be Black and young
and afraid of authorities in
America, it’s ammunition
for their ammunition, and
you will never win against
their numbers.

The system was designed to
hunt us like deer
draw our slain bodies from
the scene, and mount us
above their mantels;
prizes for their buddies
to gawk at.

There are checks being
cut for the officials
who can sell the most
bullshit in the darkest times
and the 1% has scrambled to
collect their due.

While we continue to
drop like flies, letters
lacking empathy are issued
to grieving families and lawyers
prepare themselves to seek
the highest monetary amount
possible as though money
resurrects the dead.

What do you do when
you’ve become numb to
the constant pain that settles
in your bones?
It’s there, you know it’s there
but now … it lingers
like a reminder, one you
claim as a task to get
rid of, yet …

You never will.

©2022 Tremaine L. Loadholt Originally published in soliloque via Medium.

“After a car chase, Walker got out of his car and a foot chase took place, police said. Officers believed Walker was reaching towards his waist and they ‘felt that Mr. Walker had turned and was motioning and moving into a firing position,’ Mylett said.

Walker, however, was not armed, Mylett said Sunday.” — Samantha Beecher & Dakin Andone, CNN News

27 thoughts on “Dead in Akron

  • I am so sick, when will this end!!!! The guy was already on the ground after being shot and they still continued to pump bullets into him. I don’t think they see us as humans 😒.

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  • I have not seen, or even heard about the case before now, so without any facts, I can’t process it either. Of course it was more than excessive, but I don’t know if he was on crack or trying to come at the police or what. Just another sign that we live in an upside down world and something needs to change! But I will research the case. I don’t watch much news anymore because it’s just too depressing and ludicrous. Babies getting killed by parents who have no business having kids, etc. I’ll pray for his family, no one should lose a child, especially like this. 🙏🙏

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  • It’s so sad it ended this way, but he WAS running from the police. Why the excessive force, I have no idea. We are definitely circling the drain as a nation. So sad. 😞


    • Kim, if you had a genuine fear of something, would you truly stick around to see what it was going to do to you? There are countless cases of our White counterparts actually killing people, and they’re “escorted” or “walked out” in handcuffs and live to see an actual trial–lived to be judged and juried by their peers.

      If I were pulled over by a cop today for GOD knows what, I’d pee my pants and would probably shit them too, because I fear most of them. I haven’t had many good experiences to pull from any interactions with some of them and this gets worse and worse and worse, and the only thing some people can come up with, is “They were running from the police.” My response to that, “What do you do when you’re afraid?”

      I’ve had my share of these instances and I’ve had my share of the same things occurring with no action. If we are not to be afraid of those who are supposed to serve and protect us, then they are going to have to do better. 90 or so rounds? Someone had to actively reload and continue to shoot this child. I can’t … I can’t wrap my head around it.


    • Peace, Matt. *Big hugs* We have got to do something about this nation. Instead of me loving it, I am finding ways to flee it. I can’t stand it here. It burns me up!

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  • Criminal or not, this guy shot at cops once from a pistol. ONCE before fleeing. ONCE from a PISTOL not an AR-15 type weapon. Sorry there is absolutely no justification in that 8 vs 1 who only reached without firing a single shot in the direction of the police had to be senselessly murdered as Mr. WALKER was. 🫤

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    • There was actually no edivdence of a firearm being present; as of this moment. What was discussed was the camera footage possibly indicating a gun was present, but there was not one on his person. Unless the constant dishing out of news reflects something else. I can’t watch the video, just as I could not watch many others. But as of now, he has been considered, “an unarmed Black man.”


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