Who Am I?

All bundled up after a morning of wisdom teeth removal, November 2018.

I am a Writer and Editor of A Cornered Gurl (via Medium, now open to all Writers) as well as A Cornered Gurl (via WordPress). I have also authored three poetry/prose books and am published in various anthologies, literary magazines, and online journals. Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art & Words is only one of the online literary entities hosting my work when accepted and published. I believe in the following: love, life, the strength of community, and quitting only when necessary.

I breathe. I love. I live. I write. I am. I am more than breath & bones.

Important Note: I received a notification from WordPress some time ago that my 11th Year Anniversary had come and gone. I have been logged off as an active contributor to WordPress since July of 2017. Some things have changed, others are about to change, so my writing–my work, everything I deem important to me with words can have a home here again. Peace and blessings.

Re: A Cornered Gurl on Medium: If you want to help us out in any way that you can or fund our journey in the smallest way, I have implemented a PayPal button (in the social media section of the sidebar) for you to be able to donate whatever you like to A Cornered Gurl. Please know that I appreciate your time, eyes, hard-earned money and all proceeds received will go to honoring these contributors the best way that I can and eventually, send their voices out into the ether where they can be their loudest.

Thank you for visiting! You and your presence are greatly appreciated.