13 Year WordPress anniversary notification

another year of
words, love, gifts, and knowledge.

here’s to many more
offerings of wisdom,
free-flowing from the masses

and into my soul.

Thank you to each of you for thirteen great years. Peace and blessings.

Sedimentation/By Tien Skye

via Sedimentation/ By: Tien Skye

ripe age of
an eight and a four
an age everyone
is more concerned
about my love life
than i will ever be

idea upon idea
impressed upon me
layers of expectations
domes of doom

wise words
cement into a cage
as gentle voices
voice demands

do i know what i want?
do they know what i want?

*I doubt that you can read the above and not feel its peacefulness even though the subject appears to be one that is of great sadness. Tien is great at this. I wanted to do a direct Reblog, but that option is not available via his blog. Please show him some love via the link above. Peace, beautiful people. 

12 Years

It comes before one’s ever truly ready.

And, although I’ve started and stopped several blogs, I’ve held an account here at WordPress for twelve solid years. Of all the blogging sites that I have tried, this one is my favorite. Time flies when you’re growing, doesn’t it? Will I see another twelve? Will WordPress? 

I guess we shall find out.  Thank you to each of you for reading, connecting, and building with me. It has been a pleasure. 

Peace and blessings. 


There’s a peacefulness and realization in this piece of micropoetry that is both relative and full of wisdom. Ladies and gentlemen, do visit Magarisa and be carried away by power punches in few words regularly.

Peace and blessings.

Becoming Unstuck

I’m staying

to savour

sharing space

and courtesies

with a stranger

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