dropped weight

a senryu

I put on an old pair of jeans on Thursday morning, and could finally fit them after not being able to for two years. Photo collage credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

I’m down fourteen pounds
my body is smiling, too
this gift won’t curse me

A Short Break

I will be preparing myself for the arrival of my kid sister this coming Friday. She’ll be here to celebrate her 23rd birthday with me, and I haven’t seen her in a little over three years.

I have work today through Thursday, and then I will have Friday and next Monday off.

I will return back to my regularly scheduled WordPress interactions and creative writing on Saturday, July 09, 2022, in the morning.

Here’s hoping Tuesday and the rest of this week will be a safe, enjoyable, loving, and blessed one for each of you.

Peace and blessings.

Dr. Tiffany Jana: A Powerful Voice for All People

Dr. Tiffany Jana

I follow her on Medium as well as LinkedIn. I do so because her voice is a powerful one, and she advocates for self-love, self-care, anti-racism, and anti-ableism, among some other important causes near and dear to me.

I am not big on listening to podcasts or watching a large number of TED Talk videos, but I do enjoy her videos and her memoirist-like essays that have been featured all over the internet.

She is a FORCE, y’all. And I am here for it!

Motivational Affirmations To Self #3

Below, you will find a few affirmations I’ve been saying to myself daily and sharing them to LinkedIn. I hope you find them helpful, just as much as I have, and others too.

All positive affirmations created by Tremaine L Loadholt via the Create Quote app

I have been saying these affirmations to myself, and they have been helping. I’m actually on number 99, and when I have shared 100 motivational affirmations to myself, I’ll be done. Of course, I won’t stop speaking life into my heart and pulling some good energy into my realm, I’m just not going to be on a daily streak of sharing them anymore.

I had a goal; create and share 100 positive and motivating words with myself, and I have just about reached that. I am happy with this goal and I am even happier that I stuck with it for 100 days.

I hope these words of encouragement inspire you and lift you up in some way. We need a few anchors in our lives, especially now.

“Speak life, always speak life. The tongue should not hold death.”