Your Poem From Me Request #10

The Giving Cause: Ignorance Is Bliss?

Photo by David Leong via ReShot

I know you see me,
I KNOW you do. Who
you see before you is not
who you say I am.
What must I do to get you
to see this person
instead of who you claim
to see?

A moment’s glance–a few more
seconds, and you will realize your
error, this is what I think . . .
but I’ve been proven wrong more
times than I care to count.
I am not a woman. I am not a woman.
See me. SEE ME!

When I open my mouth, you
come to grips with your ignorance;
a pronoun you selected for me
isn’t applicable to me–where does
this leave us?
Out in a cold area without
much probability of return
as you consistently take us
there every chance you get.

I am tired of explaining myself;
exhausted from covering the
subject. Here, see . . . this is
my name–address me by
name only.

Let it sink in.
Let it build. Let it mold.
Let it marinate.

A little compassion is what
I seek–some understanding is welcome.
I am so tired of a world
that doesn’t care enough
about a person to simply
respect them.

We must change. We need to
change. We have to

Thank you again to Matt Snyder for allowing me to gift another poem to you. Writing this one felt as if it would touch many others. I hope it does.

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The Incredible Need To Be Wanted

And, How It Slowly Subsides When You Know You Should Want More From The One You Want To Want You.

Javier Ramos|Unsplash

I let the morning pass, sip on my Vanilla Mint herbal tea, steeped to perfection and I think briefly to myself, “Should I check on her again?” I am fighting with the left-side of my brain, trying to understand the logic behind “No us.” I am losing terribly. This is always a no-win battle, and I have the scars to prove it, but something in me won’t let the thought of loving her go. I tell myself that I have been defeated many times before, that I fight well, that the scars that I have earned are healing, but I want badly to have the opportunity to have them heal further while being with her. I know… I know, radical decisions are not usually my forte’, but for some reason, I can see myself nose-diving straight into her life and landing perfectly on my feet.

How do we control what cannot be controlled?

Therapy is teaching me many things, but it is not teaching me this. How does one silent one’s heart? How does one make it be quiet when the mind has everything sorted out? I ask myself again, “Should I check on her?” She disappears from time to time just as I do when life is far too much to handle and taking breaks are the best things to do on the menu of working too hard, but it has been too long and my first email attempt has gone unresponsive.

Respect the boundaries. Respect the boundaries. Respect the…

Something could be wrong, but all could be right too. It is pertinent in life to respect boundaries. If they have been set, established, and agreed upon, respect them. It does not take a genius to know that doing this will more than likely, work out in your favor in the end. What do I mean? You will surely get over it. It will take time, but you will. And thinking of her safety, her heart, her willingness to create beautifully in the sober hours of the night will reconnect with you, but at arm’s length. You will succumb to healing and your days will get better. You will tap into the mystery of you and learn more about yourself because your focus will be on “Letting her/him go.” Your focus will be on learning to know what it is you need from someone else because you’ve truly established what it is that you lack.

It is natural to be wanted, to be loved.

But, it is important to recognize when you are on a one-way street down a highway to hell where you are the only one loving the other. Recognize that, move on, leave the place as quickly as possible, because if you linger, you’ll lose more and more of yourself every single day and collecting your meaningful parts will be harder to recover. Today, I am learning what she cannot give me, bolding every item in the forefront of my mind, and understanding that I have what I need for this time in my life.

I can give me what I need, even what I want, it’s just going to take a little bit more time.