Pictured Affirmation. Created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

We don’t want to think about it, but the truth of the matter is, there are some people amongst us who do not want OUR success or GREAT things to take off.

They secretly wish to and actually may act to dim your light.

Please do not allow them to do this. Go on and shine anyway.

a rainy Sunday

rain plops down
in big drops
the dog snores lightly
then stirs about–jolted
by a thunderclap

I hear the wind whistling
and move myself
gingerly out of bed

waking up to the city
full of puddles isn’t
something anyone
plans–I thought I’d
be washing my car today

it’s funny … how what
we have in mind as
our itineraries can be
shifted quickly by the sky

I guess it’s back to
relaxing and taking it
easy today–and I will
not complain


Today makes fourteen years I’ve been on WordPress. So, four blogs later, I’ve settled into A Cornered Gurl and as much as WP can be a pain with its glitches and out-of-date themes, this is home. I can’t see hosting my site anywhere else. I’ve tried and well, I always come back.

14 years is a long time. Thank you for sticking with me, WordPress. 💙

pause–a reflective poem


I won’t change.
I won’t change.

I’ll stand here waiting,
p  a  u  s  e   d
in a hopeful position

for you.

I haven’t forgotten.
I haven’t forgotten.

I won’t forget who
you were to me
and what you’ve been through.

Take my heart.
Take my words with you.

I have more.
I have more.

Mates, Soul… (An Audio Poem)

Courtesy of Amy Sherald

Mates, Soul…
(An Audio Poem)

I could have been built
to last–a specimen of
honesty wispy in
airy ways,
yet, I floated back to
a place where my soul
melted into its flame.

It is said that a true
“soulmate is like a mirror,
reflecting back to you the
aspects within yourself.”
so why is it that
when I look at me,
I can no longer see
who I am,
who I was,

I can only see

And in that moment of Me
seeing only You,
I know that the heart
has nothing to do
with reflection.
The soul designed
this birth centuries before
my knowing.

The soul delivered
without my consent.

I can only see 

Fated in bloom,
wrapped into the soul of
that is mine

I have been doing a bit of reading on soulmates and that’s what sparked this. Funny how learning about something that has been around for ages can get the brain working on an entirely different level–wanting, yearning to know more.