Breaking Into Beast-mode

Musical Selection: Peg by Steely Dan

Photo by Sharad Kachhi via Pexels

I haven’t played
a bad hand in
a couple of decades
so the fear of one
landing in my lap
terrifies me worse
than losing a game
of spades in a
freshmen college
dorm room.

I told a fellow writer
the other day,
“We’re just playing
with time, now. We’re
not old enough to
give up but we’re not
young enough to still
get googly-eyed over
the small stuff.”

I didn’t mean it …

I still get googly-eyed
over the small stuff.

When your heart
is wrapped up
in something, nobody
can stop you from
pursuing that thing.
It becomes what you
chase after with a force
that can dominate your

Breaking into beast-mode
should be a career.
Creative minds run
rampant when headed
toward their own
tunnels of light.

Little bundles of
treasure await each
and every one of us.

And like “Peg,” we’ll gladly
“smile for the camera”
when our time comes.

Steely Dan, Peg


professional word
left by a fellow artist
could mean something big

Yesterday, I read a comment on a previously published The Grieving Room newsletter that was left by a fellow writer who is also an entrepreneur and visual artist that said, “Adore your ✍🏽 when you are serious about the “dream” publishing gig let’s talk.” Many of you know that I dream of working professionally and full-time as a writer/editor/content creator. This same writer and entrepreneur approached me a few months back, and I hadn’t had the energy to take on anything else that would drain me as it was right after Chrissy had passed.

She expressed her thoughts about the vision she has and I had definitely been a listening ear. The beginnings of it were still bouncing back and forth in her head. However, she stated she would have everything sorted and closer to fruition by late summer or early fall. So, here we are …

We have a call today at 11:00 am. My response to her upon sending a follow-up email to her comment was, “I am interested in a full-time writer/editor/content creator position, and I am extremely serious about this.” Phone numbers were exchanged, call time and date noted, and in less than one hour, I will speak to someone who has been reading my work for years and is interested in helping me help them take their brand to higher heights.

I pray there will be good news. Whatever occurs, though, I will share it with all of you.

Peace and blessings.

Tremaine L. Loadholt

Many thanks to Susi Bocks for accepting these five micropoems. I am happy to be included in The Short of It. I hope you will visit the original post to like, and to possibly leave a comment.

Peace and blessings!

I Write Her

vadim kaipov – Unsplash


she sits on the sea’s floor
shaped by the world
above it–changed forever.
the workers of ancient
tongues sift through
her words, chanting
their dismissals.
the pressure from centuries
ago labels her again
and again.
is this the chosen path
home or not?

The Brave Girl Knoweth Not

enchanting winds sway
over the clandestine clouds
she speaks of hard times
the chosen few laugh
behind her back, valleys shift
to the hills of life
brave girl knoweth not
of love or impending storms
she prepares for pain

Good Dog  

good dog sleeps alone
savors the sunlight of morn
drifting into dreams
human loves her more each day
Mother Nature gifts them peace

Winter Knocks But Isn’t Allowed Entry

Temperatures tank throughout
the day, mimicking winter blues.
We shuffle along in life, wrapping
our bodies in extra clothing.
We are layered for bitter chill,
the calm…

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Jernee Timid, eating breakfast. Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

morning sun slides
into my kitchen
greets the dog
while she eats

I stand back to
monitor her motions

will she keep
this batch of
food down twenty
minutes from now

will I find myself
racing to beat
regurgitated bits

from covering my
clean floor

we wait and see
maybe Sunday will
send peace our way

and I won’t have
to react in a
always on
never off

for her

I wrote this a week ago when Jernee wasn’t feeling too well. Of course (and thankfully), she’s much better now.

Holding On To the Simple Things in Life

Photo by Glenna Rankin via ReShot

Amazoned a Pour-Over Coffee maker–
brand name, Bodum–black, and
the sheer level of excitement sweeping
over me has no name.

I even purchased an extra filter,
a pour-over kettle, and a bag of
decaffeinated chocolate fudge nut
coffee, all due to hit my doorstep
within one week.

You may be thinking to yourself,
“Why is she sharing this info with us?”
And I understand why you’d venture
to ask yourself this question.

This purchase makes me happy.
I am delighted with taking on
something new pertaining to
how I make my coffee.

A long-time friend and
still desirable crush
put me on to this method of
brewing coffee as his palate
is a snobby one.

He’s a coffee
connoisseur–no shame about it,
and I want to give my taste buds
the joy of experiencing something

A woman I dated years ago
was the same way.

Her coffee
had to be blessed by prayed
over hands, no hotter than
lukewarm–sugared to perfection,
and strong enough to get
her through the day.

What better time to take a
step towards ushering in
pure joy while I still can
than right now?

Holding on to the simple
things in life has been my
staple–my way of breathing
during rough times, and I doubt

I’ll be letting go
anytime soon.

©2022 Tremaine L. Loadholt Originally published via Simily.