18-Word Prayer for Sunday

Prayer Image created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

Tender (An Audio Poem)


Eyes|Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

Tender  An Audio Poem

I don’t know
more than words can say
of me.
I am simple.
I do not require much.

You disappear in the shadows
hiding from my eyes,
afraid of my smile.
I am trying to change,
trying to fit your mold.
But, I keep breaking.

It must be frustrating for an
artist to lose hold
of her masterpiece before
it can greet the world.
In a box, you keep my
fragrances stacked as memories
of better days
and I only seep out
when it’s safe to wander at night.

Cozy, cocooned, and carefully
placed at the crook
of your spine, my tongue
finds gold.
I strike it rich in you.
You, a well bursting
in my hands, the comfort
of your embrace after lingers
for hours.

You bite down on
a testament that no one
needs to hear, swallowing
confessions too broad in
The tender pull of
my love lifts
you from your pedestal
of glory.

I am your rock of ages
crushing every wall
meant to keep me out.

Author’s Note: Eric Benet’s News For You was on repeat.