An Update on Caison

Getting Better


Caison looking up at me as I whistled along with “The Wheels on the Bus” while it played on his tablet.

pressing my face against his,
breathing in his scent,
loving every moment of
his smile —
holding on.
holding on.
holding on.
never letting go.

Author’s Note: Caison is doing much better — still having a few issues with his breathing, but bit by bit, he’s on his way to being back to his playful, silly, and sweet self. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and positive energy. Originally published via Medium.

Your Labor Day Smile

Caison thinks he’s a big boy. He even put my slides on the right feet, no help from anyone. The kid is growing up far too fast.


He’s also into taking out all of his toys at once and not playing with any, in particular, he just likes to show me that he can do it. Then, we practice putting all of them up again and guess what he does? You got it! He takes them all out again and smiles or laughs while he does it. And since I am a big kid, I laugh or smile along with him. Good times. Nothing but good times.

Here’s hoping this day has been a labor of love for each of you.

Peace and blessings.

The Beauty of Realization

Caison: He’s learning that his reflection is a beautiful thing and in pictures, it’s even more so. This is him fiddling around with my phone and his reaction to seeing his face.

he picks up my phone,
little fingers fiddling with
meaningless buttons.

What’s he trying to do?
this, I query myself…

a picture is worth a thousand words,
but Caison’s smile is priceless.