Boldly, She Creeps. She Creeps.

Musical Selection: Snoh Aalegra|Fool for You

A Free Verse Poem

Photo by Ashleigh via Pexels

and I am beholden to her,
bathed in a glossy light
of her intentions.
could she just be flirtatious — 
plotting on playing, picking
sides, and pursuing nothing?

I am cautious in her presence,
boldly, she creeps. she creeps.
and when she does, I stand aside
and mimic a child looking for
her lost toy.
I must find it.
it needs me.

I can’t figure her out.
I keep telling myself, “Tread
lightly. Watch yourself.
Be careful.” there could be
danger ahead.
I want this danger. I don’t want
this danger.
this danger is linked to her — 
I want her.

But I want to be safe too.

I hear an older church mother
in the back of my mind shouting,
“Pick your poison, baby. Can’t
have your cake and eat it
And I understand her words of
concern. I know the memory
of her will play on — she knew
what she was talking about.

Age and wisdom and experience.

I ask the dog, “Why me? Why
has she chosen me to
beat around the bush with
when I need consistency and
clarity and comfort?
women know what they’re
doing with their ways. they do.
keepers of lust and desire,

I will not pressure her.

I will remain in a lane
of my own making — happy
to gallivant effortlessly in
a world of her design.
I see what she cannot.
I hear what she cannot.

I do not want to damage
the goods she flaunts in
my direction.
boldly, she creeps. she creeps.
and when she does, I stand aside
and mimic a child looking for
her lost toy.
I must find it.
it needs me.

And I need her.

©2022 Tremaine L. Loadholt, Originally published in soliloque via Medium.


Your Poem From Me Request #5

The Giving Cause: The Beauty of Friendship

I count my blessings . . .
I know the worth of
a strong foundation in
a friendship–one that stands
the tests of time–that outlasts
the bullshit that can build
up at a moment’s notice.

We can swim through anything;
come up for air, pace ourselves
against the waves, and find
the much-needed shore for rest.
I do not take it for granted–I’m
aware of my luck.

For how could I speak of
you in such high regard
without experiencing this
state of bliss?

Others have tried–some waltzed
in with their fake acceptances and
lack of sensitivity, and I know
their type now–I smell them
from miles away.
Trust me, I keep my distance.

At my age, the beauty of
friendship is a gift
that keeps on giving–a treasure
to be found each day.
We sparkle and shine and light
up this world with our presence.

And there is no way
I’m ever going to let this go–
to do so would be foolish.

I’m no fool.

Thank you to Kern Carter for allowing me to gift a poem to you. I really enjoyed writing this one.

To learn more about the Your Poem From Me: The Giving Cause, click here. Let me write a poem for you. I can give it life.

the sky holds your beauty in its eyes

morningsky 1
Morning Sky#1: Photo by Tremaine L. Loadholt

I cup the warmth of you

in my hands–
kiss your eyelids
hold you close to my
breastbone, breathe in
shea butter and honey.

All the while, the sky
wants me to share
your goodness,
to give you over to it–
and at that moment,
I am selfish.

I want to mark you with
my lips, turn you over
to the local authorities,
and imprison you for
fatal attraction.

Buried in your eyes
are my thoughts of a
new day. The gift of connection is
skating on your shoulders.
We inhale a purple sunrise
and the sky . . .

It waits patiently, holding
your beauty in its eyes.
I open mine and can

only see you.

Sights and Scenes and a Haiku

So far, the lovely State of Alaska has given me so many memories and I will have extremely beautiful visions in my head for years to come. Thankfully, both flights were smooth, with minimal turbulence and I found myself sleeping both ways; from Charlotte, NC to Phoenix, AZ then from Phoenix, AZ to Anchorage, AK. I am happy that this was the case.

I landed on time each time with only one snafu. During the Phoenix connection, several of us were not alerted to the fact that there was a gate change so we found ourselves booking it from one end of the airport to another in order to make the flight within three minutes.

Let me tell you, that was a scary experience and gave me anxiety that shot THROUGH THE ROOF, however, I was amazed at how quick-on-my-feet I was in assisting one of my flight-mates in encouraging her to run or walk fast and that we’d surely make it because she was so much more frantic than I was. We made it, of course, and smiles stuck to our faces within minutes of the connection.

So far, I’ve experienced Girdwood and its beautiful mountains, hidden waterfalls, and wide open spaces and Portage for the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. And now, for the photos:

Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty #2

Hidden Beauty #3


Mountains Beyond the Ocean

Baby Elk



Mountains, Hidden Glacier, and Swirly Sky


Black Bear Cub #1

Black Bear Cub #2

Black Bear Cub #3

A Beautiful Life

Halfway ’round the world
I’ve found beauty that connects
And lifts my spirits