Just Watch Me: NaPoWriMo#30

Watch me,” she says.
I do. She’s an amazing
human being; never
cringeworthy. I enjoy
darting my eyes from
one side of the
room to the next.

This beauty, gives balance
to my life.
Not once did I
assume it would
be her.

I’m glad
it is.

This poem was originally published via Twitter but shared here to be a part of NaPoWriMo.

Going Nowhere

Silver and Black Digital Alarm Clock on Table
Photo by Burst via Pexels

Time doesn’t stand still for me. I beg it sometimes. My plea goes unheard. A faint whisper greets my ear, “What are you so afraid of”? I respond, “Now? Everything.”

Time cocks its head back & laughs. It gathers data on me and maintains its surveillance.

I’m free to go nowhere.

Originally shared via Twitter.