Gloomy, A Haiku

Rainy, dreary day
dog rests sweetly in her bed
no sunshine for us

Peace and blessings, beautiful people. Here’s hoping all of you will have a loving, safe, and blissful day. May the new year protect you and gift you with what you need and want. 2021, let’s hope it’ll remind us of hope.

Angel: New Gifts

Haiku, 7 Parts

angel from above
a Christmas gift of delight
cheerful beginnings

peace-filled and warm hugs
mark the spirit of the year
embracing goodness

a bright tree topper
with shades of white and gold glow
brilliantly at night

glorious music
commits itself to our ears
faithful enchantment

let’s fill hollow hearts
with plenty of love and light
true motivation

intense connections
sobering up on cold nights
winter wonderlands

this angel still stands
top of the class, holding strong
welcoming new gifts

Originally published via Medium.