NaPoWriMo #11

the silent twins

The Silent Twins Trailer

feeding off one another’s
shifty moods and competitive
ways, these two parade
around in silence in front
of everyone outside of
their bubble.

june & jenny
jenny & june
sisters of silence
and mayhem and turmoil
and eating disorders.

I teared up witnessing a
harnessed neck collapsing
at the sight of a broken
hearted sibling wailing
with no sound.

how’d they manage to
live so long before one
died on the shoulder of
the other?

how’d they manage to
pump enough blood
to their hearts when
they spent so much time
bathed in depression?

such lovely parents.
such lovely parents.
understanding and willing
to do what was best
for the girls–an empath’s
soul will not make it without

be careful of what you
share with your mind
when all you were searching
for was a Sunday afternoon
movie in which to escape.

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