NaPoWriMo #3

Winter’s Indecisiveness

Winter’s chill settles in
the clouds–hovers over my
city, unable to move forward.

I wake up to the cool air
trapped in my bedroom,
slide my body from the bed,
and close the windows.

42°, the Weather App reads.
I sigh and shuffle my
frozen, slippered-feet to the
kitchen for a cup of water.

The first few days of April
are always tricky here in
NC. We never know what
we’re going to get, and that
in itself, is a mystery to

If I had to Zodiac the weather,
I’d call it “Libra.”
Its intentions versus its
indecisiveness shines in
front of a shaky camera.

And we all benefit from it,
rather than shrivel up
within our skin like we
sometimes feel like

Winter, say “Hi” to spring
for me when you finally
set her free from the
hold you have on her.

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