The Start of My Microlocs Journey

Photo collage of starter microlocs. Created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

On Saturday, I began my microlocs journey. For the next 6 weeks (or perhaps a bit more), I’ll be letting my hair do its thing before I get it washed and retwisted!

I am eager to see what my hair will do–how it’ll lock up. I’m SUPER excited, and I almost cannot contain myself!

Jernee is a little thrown off, but I smell the same and I sound the same, so overall, she’s good. My cousin, Akua, gets all the credit for this. We endured 8 hours on Saturday, (with 2 breaks) and 5 hours today (Sunday: with 1 break) to make this happen.

She’s amazing at what she does in her creativity with hair, and now, I can say my hair is one of her creations.

I’ll be doing a few articles about this journey; how my hair is growing, what I am expecting (and experiencing), and the chemical-free products, I’ll eventually be using to care for my hair.

I look forward to this next phase of my life, and I am happy to be taking on a process I’ve envisioned for years for my hair.

Stick around and grow with me.

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