Back Then – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Photo from author’s blog

This poem is in response to the Pandemic Haibun Challenge that’s currently underway in the publication, A Cornered Gurl via Medium.  Thank you trE for the opportunity for shared reflection. Noticings are always within reach if your eyes are open. A friend’s phone call, text photo, or cherished smile from six feet away can keep your cup from emptiness. Yet […]

Back Then – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Many of you have seen my post here about the Pandemic Haibun Challenge that’s currently underway in my publication, A Cornered Gurl via Medium. Above is a response to it from a writer here in our WordPress community, Ali Grimshaw. I follow her for her vivid imagination, her peaceful approach to creativity, and her ability to conquer a writing prompt.

I am glad she responded and took on the challenge. Give her haibun a read, it’s definitely worth it, beautiful people.

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