14-Word Prayer for Wednesday

Prayer Image created by Tremaine L. Loadholt

5 thoughts on “14-Word Prayer for Wednesday

  • I love her! I watched another episode today of the latest season. But, yeah, she takes angry to a scary level! Ya know…CBD really helps keep you on an even keel and you can find all kinds of new products that won’t cause you to fail a drug test, but will give you the calm that you need. If that’s too scary for ya, certain essential oils also help you reach a calm and tranquil state. 😚

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    • Kim, these patients are on a whole other level of “rude” and “crude” this week, and it’s really trying my patience. Lol. I’m just sharing my morning prayers. Dealing with rude and nasty people consistently will get to anyone.

      I’m trying not to cave completely. Lol. I’ll be watching the next episode Friday night. I’ll need all my focus for it!

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      • Ooo, they are getting so good! This is one of those shows I never want to end!
        I’ll pray that people treat you nicer, there’s just no need for rude customers/patients! On the other hand with our crazy, upside-down world right now, it’s easy to understand how people are losing patience with everything. Still, people should learn to put themselves in your shoes for a minute! 🙏☺️

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