Musical Selection: Dionne Farris|Hopeless

I can’t dote on the team
I get to share frustrations,
stressors, and accomplishments
with on a daily basis enough.
we may split at the edges
sometimes, but we will
never crack.

we have endured system issues,
glitches, irate patients, and an
overall pressure that packed
itself heavy into our bones,
yet we stayed above water–
humorous in our near-defeat.

if I were a betting woman,
my cash would be on them.
my trust is in them.
I wouldn’t want to do
the days I spend spiraling
with any other group of
people–we are perfectly matched
for the work that we do.

and on the days when
calls push us hard against
the wall, we push back with
a vengeance that comes wrapped
in fire and bold presentations.

we are not your average
team; we wear remarkable on
our sleeves–clever human beings,
slaying the trenches of the
scheduling world effortlessly.

Originally shared via LinkedIn.

Hopeless by Dionne Farris