day’s end

the dog sits and stares
at me–wonders, what ….
I think she knows today
nearly pummeled me
into submission

I walked a tightrope with
loose ends and software
my voice is cracking
and the last bit of
fight I have in me
will be used
to clean this day
off my skin

tomorrow isn’t promised
but I’m already praying
it comes with more
of an appeal than
what I struggled with

many of us can
conquer the hard times
and jump over the
obstacles but how
many of us are willing
to admit we want
just one day of
struggle-free experiences

just one day of
getting it done without
tiresome negotiations

just one day of
not wondering how
intense the next day
will be before it even

it’s nearly day’s end
and while I have all
of this welling up
inside me, I still
believe “joy comes
in the morning.”

*Originally shared via LinkedIn on Thursday, August 25, 2022 after a stressful day of work.

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