Photo by Nibret Sanga via Pexels

I couldn’t fathom
how my voice could
make a first impression–how
it would change the
atmosphere of a patient’s
life who was suffering
from post-menopausal

when you can hear the
tension easing its way
out of someone’s body
because you made them
laugh, reminisce, and
think of their happiest
memory, how you
“sound” is an afterthought.

“You just have the most
soothing voice, and I
hope they send me a survey
because I will definitely
fill it out.”

I haven’t been able
to stay in the boxes
created for me; not then,
not now, and as long as
I have the ability to
impact another human
being’s life in a positive
way, I doubt I ever will.

cages don’t have enough
metal to hold me–to glue
me to their posts.
I break free.
I always … always
break free.

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