They Depend on the Time They Don’t Have

A Haibun

Photo by Lelia Milaya via ReShot

Delores leaned into her son’s embrace. He’d been promoted to area manager of his engineering firm. The promotion came with a corner office with an exceptional view of the city, and a $25,000 per year increase. He’d worked hard for it–harder than most. 

The sacrifices he made never met his mother’s ears. The people he manipulated, the women he raped, and the old neighbors from which he stole. He lived in lost moments of time, pursuing what he wanted and never what he needed. He’d step on the backs of everyone to get where he was all over again.

And his beautiful, loving, and clueless mother could never, would ever know it.

An evil con-man
steps on the backs of others
breaks the moon in half

©2022 Tremaine L. Loadholt, Originally published via Simily.