Almost Little Sister

For Sarah

Almost Little Sister Tremaine L. Loadholt 2022 April 06

nearly four years ago, I
fell into the same path
as you, both of us wading our
way through the shores of
radiology imaging at a facility
known for its great service.
we became used to each other
over time — each day, a bit closer
to knowing more about the
person standing in front of
the other.

I have watched you grow from
a younger version of yourself
who always had to have her ears
to the ground of every goings-on
to a mature young lady who
stands up for what she believes in,
and reaches back to pull
someone else up to the same
place she resides.

you are a beam of intense light
breaking through the dark corners,
bolting yourself to the doors
of people’s hearts.
I love to hear you laugh which is
probably why I’m always cracking
jokes or doing what I can
to make that happen.

you are your mother’s child — strong
in your presence with a peppered
tongue and a big heart.
the way you’ve moved up in ranks
at work amazes me — shuffles a
heavier sense of pride to my

I pat it once — accepting your
stride. I pat it twice — recognizing your

this is a journey you were meant
to soldier — every day, you’re
carving into molds assigned to
deter you, and they crack in place
when greeted by your strength.
I know you know this but I would
slap someone in the throat
with a swift backhand if ever
your heart was torn in two.

it is the big sister in me
I cannot help it

and since you’re so much
like a little one to me, that
is inevitable.
keep gliding through the
difficulties of life with your
head held high and your
dimpled cheek facing the
heavens — let the blessings rain
down on you like they should.

you are deserving of
every last one.

For a coworker, friend, and now, little sister.

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