Your Poem From Me Request #12

The Giving Cause: I’ll Miss You, My Friend

It is said that God gives us
the people we need to live
the lives we live, and
he thought it best to give me, you.
I press on through this life,
ashamed sometimes, in pain
sometimes, and you lift me up
with your mesmerizing voice;
angels sit on your shoulders
guiding you into my heart
through song.

I know love. It is a beautiful thing
to watch flourish–to watch grow,
and when the time comes for
love to pack up and ship off,
I know that kind of love too.
I have you here with me,
little reminders to sift through
and enjoy.

Reminiscence is forthcoming.

Could I have been a reason for
this season in your life?
Or am I going to be the all-weather
friend who will never know the
word “goodbye.”
I pray I am the latter.
I need to be the latter.

Losing you would be a
detrimental blow to my growth,
and I love who I’m becoming.

You are who some people dream
about when they request a
companion, a listener, an avid
advice-giver, but in small doses–
something we can stomach.
You came when my body ached
from depression and broke itself
in two from anxiety.

You somehow restored me.

Blessings rain down daily
for me, and I know you
are one of them. You always
will be.
As you venture off to another state,
a new life awaits you–a new
world. I am happy. I am sad.
I am happy-sad and every bone
in my body wants to reject
the reality of it.

I will miss you, my friend.
But even with hundreds of miles
separating us, nothing can
or will ever remove you from

Thank you.

*Photo Credit: Photo by Ivan Samkov via Pexels

Thank you C. McKnight for requesting a poem to be written for your friend. It touched me deeply to be able to pen this for you on his behalf.

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