The Ladies of Workforce Management Poems #1

NaPoWriMo #3: The Comedienne: For AD

An Audio Poem

The Comedienne: For AD

there are days when my mind
feels like it’s going to explode–
bare itself naked across my
two monitors from the words
spoken by impatient patients who
feel as though the world should
be wrapped in gold and presented
to them on platters, and you
swoop in with a funny phrase
or mutual feelings of
disbelief and disgust, and
I don’t feel as alone as I once did.

I know I’m not the only one
who believes–knows this.
it’s your way.
you’ve moved through our
department stealthily, ready to
jump in when a tidal wave
of calls bombards us–lands on
our chests, pressing upon
our weary lungs with an armor
of motivation glued to your
frame gifting it to each of us.

I’ve had belly aches from
minutes of laughter, cheeks
on fire from smiling so hard . . .
each instance showing up
at just the right moment.
I don’t know if you know the
impact you have, but hopefully
these words will do the trick.

you are our Comedienne; the woman
with a gift of gab, unafraid to
speak. her. mind. and with your
presence, we shine like emeralds
polished clean on a spring day,
poking our chests out–heads bigger
than before–ballooned to perfection.

you make us better as a unit–as
a scheduling team,
and I am grateful for every moment
we have to experience a
day with you chiming in
unexpectedly, cleaning up little
messes the people we service create.
thank you.

I will be doing a series of poems for the ladies who form our workforce management team at work. They truly are a gift. This is the first of three. Thank you for reading and listening too. Peace and blessings.

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