Your Poem From Me Requests #9

The Giving Cause: The Humble Mumbles of a Perfectly Imperfect Single Mom

Photo by I.C. via ReShot

No one ever said this
would be easy, and I’m not
complaining, I’m simply
expressing what I feel . . .
what burns deep within me.
A single mom is the first
person their child sees in
the morning, and the last
one to caress their shoulders
at night.

She is the chaperone, the referee,
the teacher, the creative arts director,
the analyzer, and PTA attendee,
the cook, the cleaner, and anything
you can dream up, and more.

And when she’s tired, her day
doesn’t shift to meet her needs,
it simply fades into something
between two things: less busy
or a chaotic mess.

I can’t summon perfection
at my whim but I will do everything
in my power to provide what’s
best for my children.
They will know the meaning
of truth and its importance,
what a strong foundation is,
and how to operate effectively
in life.

They will lift their heads up,
holding them high, unashamed
of who they are and what they do.
And I will Mama-Bear the first
person who has anything
outlandish to say about them–
pummel them to a pulp.

My children are mine, and I
will protect them from the
world’s unrelenting wrath.
And when I can’t, the pieces
of my heart broken off and
shared with them will
sustain them accordingly,
providing the strength they need
to stand on their own.

I have done/am doing what
I can to give this world
decent human beings to
further its existence. I am
shaping the shifting Mini-Mes
who are more fluid than water
itself–breaking into the fold,
ready to take on
whatever comes their way.

When the day comes when I
relieve them of the nest,
I will stand back, admire their
first flight, and watch them
Secretly, in hushed whispers
to myself, I’ll say . . .

“I did that.”

Thank you to Melissa Ross for allowing me to gift a poem to you. I truly enjoyed birthing this poem. I hope it is what you want it to be.

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