Your Poem From Me Request #8

The Giving Cause: blended

there’s me and you
us and them
but we are one

we’re managing as
a blended team
although on a
grand scale, it’s a
beautiful thing to watch
two different families merge
their lives; the road isn’t
always an easy one
to travel

I know this . . . I love you,
and it provides the strength
I need to soldier on
through our hardest days
I am no longer a mother
of two but four–by label
and only . . . by union.

only by union

and this is what causes
me to pause and review
how we got here
and settle into the
beauty of our exchange

by saying, “I do,” I gained
not just you but your
daughters too
and when you agreed to
accept me, you were
saying “yes” to mine

we couldn’t have imagined
the tests we’d take, but
the journey is one
hell of a ride

I’m happy you’re my
copilot . . . I couldn’t,
wouldn’t think of flying
this crowded plane
with anyone else

Thank you to my very good friend, Karen for allowing me to gift a poem to you. It has been my pleasure creating this. *big hugs* I love you, girl.

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