Chrissy and I. I must’ve been about five years old in this photo.

there was a light
within you–touched
others, breathed new life
into them. they felt it,

people from miles upon
miles away, unlinked but
linked by you–by who
you were.
your gift had been in
every breath you took.

your sheer existence was life.

and when many gather to
compliment a soul, and everything
said is positive, this speaks
it’s who you were.
it’s who I knew and love,
and so many others too.

so, you are going home now . . .
this is where I leave you–
it’s where I lay a final
kiss on your cheek, a
last tight hug, and words
left unspoken, shared.

until we meet again
in the beyond past the
beyond, I will greet you
with a smile on
my face, and love in my heart
because every bit of
you had been a present
to unwrap and give to
someone else.

I blow out a candle for
your physical body
will find its way beneath six
feet of dirt and clay,
but your spirit . . .

your spirit lives on.