Your Poem From Me Request #6

The Giving Cause: All Abracadabra’d Out

I’m all abracadabra’d out–the magic
seeps in unknowingly these days,
and I fear I can’t hold on to it
longer than a few moments.
The stars grant me a pass
to the other side of the moon, and
there is where I find growth.

Expectations don’t fill up my
list of to-dos, I calmly press
through life allowing what
will be–it’s acceptance of
such things that often reminds
me of trial and error.
I’ve tried many things–had
tons of errors, and yet, I
am still here.

The voice speaks.
I listen.

I have journeyed for decades,
gallivanting amongst comrades
and four-legged friendlies, and
have found my space in the blue
light of newness. I welcome it–its
aura embraces me, carries me to
places unknown, and I am a
bright sunbeam, warming the skies.

Within me, I’ve found things
ethereal enough to be contagious,
and I regift them annually.
I made a vow years ago
to live this life as it comes–
no need to appear apoplectic
when the world is still
spinning in the right direction.

Magic meets my lips and
I birth a kiss for it–I know
where I stand and I am
confident enough now to
step forward when
moving should take place.

The voice speaks.
I listen.

And forever, it will be.

Thank you to K. L. Laettner for allowing me to gift a poem to you. This one was a bit challenging, and I truly appreciate that. Also, this gift poem is my 1,000th post here at A Cornered Gurl.

To learn more about Your Poem From Me: The Giving Cause, click here. Let me write a poem for you. I can give it life.

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