When “Push It” Meets “Flamin’ Hot Doritos” and nature

You get the following . . .

And I love it!

“push it” commercial
sends nature into f r e n z y
classic song renewed

Your Poem From Me Request #5

The Giving Cause: The Beauty of Friendship

I count my blessings . . .
I know the worth of
a strong foundation in
a friendship–one that stands
the tests of time–that outlasts
the bullshit that can build
up at a moment’s notice.

We can swim through anything;
come up for air, pace ourselves
against the waves, and find
the much-needed shore for rest.
I do not take it for granted–I’m
aware of my luck.

For how could I speak of
you in such high regard
without experiencing this
state of bliss?

Others have tried–some waltzed
in with their fake acceptances and
lack of sensitivity, and I know
their type now–I smell them
from miles away.
Trust me, I keep my distance.

At my age, the beauty of
friendship is a gift
that keeps on giving–a treasure
to be found each day.
We sparkle and shine and light
up this world with our presence.

And there is no way
I’m ever going to let this go–
to do so would be foolish.

I’m no fool.

Thank you to Kern Carter for allowing me to gift a poem to you. I really enjoyed writing this one.

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